Welcome To Vaidya Gems & Diamonds !!!!

Vaidya Gems & Diamonds is a synonymous name in India for its export quality Gems & Diamond Jewellery at reasonable prices.

We are one of the suppliers of Gemstones, Diamonds and Gems & Diamond Studded Jewellery to some of the renowned jewellery stores across the Americas, Europe, Gulf and South East Asia.

The competitive advantage of Vaidya Gems & Diamonds is its ability to shorten the supply chain. We directly procure stones from their mines and supply the end products in the form of gems and diamond studded jewellery to our customers. This enables us to provide the best quality of gemstone & diamond jewellery at extremely low and reasonable prices in the local market.

Our unique business model has saved approximately 30% for the jewellery of the same certified quality!

We do not keep a very huge inventory like most large jewellery stores. But we have loads of design catalogues to choose your jewellery from.

These catalogues give you much more options to choose from than are available in large stores. You can also specify and customize your own designs which is never an option in the large stores.

We don’t keep a huge staff on payroll and don’t spend on huge swanky showrooms in premium locations.

We are happy to pass on all these savings to you.

Many of our customers have even returned their jewellery items purchased from the large stores, got a refund of 90% as usually is their buy-back policy and have got the same designs with the same certified stone quality made from us at around 70% of the original cost thereby still pocketing a 20% saving !

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